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About Us

Welcome to Towels by Gus, the latest venture from Great Useful Stuff.

Launched in November of 2011, Towels by Gus was designed to improve the experience of shopping for bath towels online. With a wide selection of products in every price range, Towels by Gus makes the shopping easy, simple, and informative. Some of the key features include:

In addition to a well organized and educational shopping experience, Towels by Gus also delivers in some surprising ways, with service that you won't find at any other online retailer:

  • Free swatch service: can't decide between two colors? Want to feel the fabric before you commit? Towels by Gus will mail you four free towel swatches so that you can be confident that you've found the right towel for you.
  • Designer consultation: unsure of where to begin? Have a particular need or desire for your next set of towels? Contact our in house designers to receive a personalized recommendation.
  • Realistic photography: unlike other retailers who use stock photography provided by the towel manufacturer, Towels by Gus photographs every towel ourselves under the same conditions. You can be sure that you're seeing the true fabric detail of each towel and see the difference between two shades of blue.

Enjoy our approach to online shopping? Visit our other websites:

  • SheetsbyGus.com: eliminate the guesswork and the high department store prices when shopping for your next set of sheets. Enjoy free designer consultations and free swatches, too.
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Need assistance deciding?

Talk to our one of our in-house designers for a custom consultation. We'll match you with the perfect towel. Click here for advice.

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Free swatch service

Unsure about the color? Want to test the texture before you commit? Order up to four free towel swatches. Click here to learn more.